Hard Factory Reset on Lexmark T522

MAJ 13/11/15
Here is the procedure to make a hard factory reset on Lexmark T522:
  • Boot the printer into the config menu by holding "Select" and "Return" (buttons 3 and 4) while powering on the printer.
  • Then scroll across to the "Operator menu" and select "Enable".
  • Then scroll to "Exit menu" and select. this will unlock the op panel menus but will not remove any passwords.

To remove the password: enter the network se menu through the standard operator panel menu:
  • Scroll to the network menu press select
  • Scroll to standard network setup (network 1 setup if you have a optional network card as opposed to the one intergrated into the rip).
  • Scroll to print(do not press select on this option)
  • Press and hold the "Go" button while doing this press and release the left menu button.

This brings the printer into the network SE menu scroll to the nvram option and select then scroll to reinit nvram and select.
This will reset all the network settings including ip address information and password/user information.

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