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Error code list on Epson Stylus Pro 7000

00010000: PF Motor encoder check error
00010001: PF Motor out of step
000100002: PF Motor overcurrent
000100003: PF Motor in-position time-out error
000100004: CR Motor encoder check error
000100005: CR Motor out of step
000100006: CR Motor overcurrent
000100007: CR Motor in-position time-out error
000100008: Servo interrupt watchdog time-out error
000100009: System interrupt watchdog time-out error
00010000A: CR origin sensor error
00010000B: PF origin sensor error
00010000C: PG origin sensor error
00010000D: Cover sensor error (00)
00010000E: Cover sensor error (01)
00010000F: CR motor PWM output error
000100010: PF motor PWM output error
000200000: NVRAM Error
000200001: Internal RAM Check Error
000200002: SRAM Check Error
000200003: DRAM Check Error
0002000B: Memory/Mail Box reception error
100000004: CPU Vector 4 - General illegal instruction
100000006: CPU Vector 6 - Slot illegal instruction
100000006: CPU Vector 9 - CPU address error
10000000A: CPU Vector 10 - DMAC\DTC address error
10000000B: CPU Vector 11 - Watchdog time-out error
1000000**: CPU Vector

00000100: Waste Ink pads must be replaced
00000101: Ink Tube worn out: ink tubes have reached their predetermined
00010000: PF motor encoder check error
00010001: PF motor out of step
00010002: PF motor overcurrent
00010003: PF in-position time-out
00010004: CR motor encoder check error
00010005: CR motor out of step
00010006: CR motor overcurrent
00010007: CR in-position time-out
00010008: Servo interrupt watchdog time-out error
00010009: System interrupt watchdog time-out error

0001000A: CR origin sensor malfunction
0001000B: PF home position sensor error
0001000C: PG origin sensor malfunction
0001000D: Cover sensor malfunction (00)
0001000E: Cover sensor malfunction (01)
0001000F: CR motor PWM output error
00010010: PF motor PWM output error
00020000: NVRAM error
00020001: Internal RAM check error
00020002: SRAM check error
00020003: DRAM check error
0002000B: Memory/Mail Box reception error
10000004: CPU vector 4 - General illegal instruction
10000006: CPU vector 6 - Slot illegal instruction
10000009: CPU vector 9 - CPU address error
1000000A: CPU vector 10 - DMAC/DTC address error
1000000B: CPU vector 11 - Watchdog time-out error
100000””: CPU vector


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