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Error 5100 on Canon printers

 MAJ 17/09/14

Error 5100 appears on these Canon printers: MP140, MP150, MP160, MP190, MP210, MP220,  MP800, MP810, MP170, MP180, MP450, MP460, MP830, MP970, MP980, MP240, MP250, MP260, MP270, MP480, MP500, MP510, MP520, MP530, MP540, MP620, MP550, MP560, MP610, MP630, MP800, MP810, MP830, MP970, MP980, MG2100, MG3100, MG4100, MG5100, MP640, MP990, MG5200, MG5300, MG6100, MG6200, MG8100, MG8200

It's a Carriage error.

Solution 1:
  • Look inside for a tiny object like a piece of paper, a staple...

Solution 2:
  • The purge cap (the white sliding mechanism that the print head parks to when it's not in use) may be not lubricated well enough . Lubricate the sliders with some white grease (don't get it on the small wipers or the black caps); this repair probably require to remove the right panel off of the printer to gain access to the purge mechanism.

Solution 3:
  • Clean the timing strip: there is a thin plastic strip running across the width in front of and below the drive belt: there are fine black vertical lines on this strip. If the strip gets a piece of crud on it, you get an error during the start-up sequence.Gently clean this strip with a damp lint-free tissue.
  • photo: 
(you can see a transparent horizontal strip object which controls the movement of the printer head slots.)

Error code list by brand


    Mugsy said…
    madonna said…
    how to reset the canon pixma 2770 and 2700 the ink counter is full
    Mugsy said…
    No longer own the 5100.

    Replaced the printer last November.
    JimDu said…
    I was just about the throw out the printer... But solution #3 worked perfectly for me. Sure enough the timing strip had grease all over it. It even fixed the print head alignment! Thanks for the Post and the Pic!!
    nash said…
    Solution #1 worked. Thanks!
    I still have to try solution #2 because I don't have a grease yet. No idea what grease to use.
    But anyways, a million thanks again. It helped solve the error on our printer. It also improve the alignment. =)
    RL said…
    Thanks for useful printer now works without problem..very thanks from rajendra Computer Point Technical College India
    Unknown said…
    thank you so much, solution #3 works,its great!
    Ellen said…
    Thank you so much for this info. My printer works well after I tried solution #3. God bless!
    Mikki Shiu said…
    Solution #3 had worked for me. This blog post really helped me a lot. thank you :)
    Anonymous said…
    I wanted to cry. I tried everything the operating manual said to do - at least 3-4 times and I kept getting the 5100 error message. Thank you so much for your tips, because solution 3 worked like a charm. I have a Cannon MX432. Thanx a million! I am back in business.
    Anonymous said…
    Gud Day!!

    got cha!!! tnx the guide
    god bless you all..:)

    ponda <=====
    Double T said…
    Great! Solution #1 worked for me. Found jammed paper in a weird spot. Removed it. And all's well.
    Daniel said…
    #3 Worked for me. Big thanks!
    Anonymous said…
    Thanks a million. Nr. 3 worked, it also solved the problem with the alignment.
    Januari 16, 2013
    Anonymous said…
    Thanks for the tip. Step 3 solved my problem. People like you make a difference ... Thanks
    Anonymous said…
    thanks :)
    Tracy said…
    I keep getting error 5100 and I have tried all your suggestions , wondering what else I could try it would print or scan. Thanks
    Anonymous said…
    thank u solution #3 solved my problem
    Anonymous said…
    hi! big thanks.. solution # 3 was effective.. :)
    A Parent said…
    I thank you for the tips. I cleaned the transparent strip,
    and it now works like a charm.
    Happy New Year!!!
    Daisy Penz said…
    I've been pissed the whole day. been so busy and the printer don't work at all...error 5100 keeps on appearing..i tried millions of possible solution but no to avail.. till I tried Solution#'s like a magic.. now I have all the reason to smile.. thanks a lot for the great help
    Anonymous said…
    That transparent strip was the key for me. I cleaned it with a tissue and now the printer works. Thank you.

    Canon MP560
    *would print 3 or 4 pages and then pop the 5100 code. Page immediately preceding the error had stutters/burred lines of text on it.
    GerryG said…
    Thank you so much for this info. My printer works well after I tried solution #3. God bless!
    Santi said…
    Thanks a bunch!

    #3 Worked - I cleaned it with a Q-tip with alcohol.

    Bee said…
    thanks a lot
    #3 worked
    my problem is solved
    Unknown said…
    OMG Cannot believe #3 just worked!!!! I just pulled this printer out of the Goodwill pile after the old Lexmark we had ran out of ink and I was desperate! This thing hasn't worked in over a year - I'm still in shock waiting for it to start clunking again - thank you so much!!
    Mouthcard said…
    Solution #3 fixed my problem. The grunge was on the back side of the clear strip. Thanks to all.
    Anonymous said…
    I have problem with my cannon pixma MG4240. support code 5100 it say's printer error has occurred follow the steps below
    1.cancel printing then turn the device off
    2. removed any foreign objects from the paper output slot, rears slide and inside of the device
    3. Make sure that the ink tanks or ink cartridges are installed correctly.
    4 turn the printer again if problem persists see the manual and contact the service center

    now my problem is; i do it all of this except to bring the service center but in does not work. what will i do? thanks for your help...
    Unknown said…
    I have a mx394 canon printer it shows 5100 error code plus the cartridges are stiff when moving them
    hardserve said…
    Solution #3 fixed the 5100 error code om my Pixma ip3600. Now I am able to get through through the entire Print Head Alignment maintenenace procedure again, and printouts are perfect again. Saved me the trouble and cost of replacing the printer. Thanks to this site, and others as well, that have posted this fix.
    Unknown said…
    I thought I had tried everything on an mp800r error 5100, and then I found that a piece of white plastic to the right of the rubber squeegees had a horizontal spring that did not seem to be engaged. I managed to lift up the plastic and re engage the spring, this caused the plastic to be pushed upwards slightly, and be nicely held up by the spring.....and the fault has gone away!

    Previous to this fault printhead had been stuck on te right had side and I had to force it out of this position, perhaps this had caused the spring to become dislodged.
    TurtleBee said…
    I have a MX357 I thought I tried everything, even #3 cleaning the clear strip. But I decided to give it one more go and cleaned it front AND back this time, like 10 times, all the way to the right where it's almost unreachabe. AND i's finally working!!!! I started having this 5100 code problem at 10am, now it's finally printing at 1:30pm!! Thank GOD! Page 1 worked so far, hopefully it will continue to do so! I am so glad we have the internet so we can search and solve problems!

    Thanks for all the comments posted here!
    Tarcisius Tafadzwa Mashoko said…
    Gooday,i have my MX394 CANON PRINTER,i was busy trying to find solutions for that same error 5100 but it was all invail until i decide to go on internet for help.Thank you very much guys i have used solution #3 and it worked for thank you thank you million times.GOD BLESS YOU.
    Anonymous said…
    I was and ready to say goodbye to my lovely Canon MG5150, as it continued to present me with shaky and stained prints. Until I tried solution # 3. Never believed this would work, wiping this 'timing strip' with a piece of tissue. But it worked!!!
    Anonymous said…
    And thank you so much!
    Unknown said…
    Thank you,solution #4 the tension spring on the top left for the cartridge carriage drive belt somehow pops off and the carriage will make a bad grinding noise on printer power up resulting in Error 5100.
    Anonymous said…
    Solution 3 worked. Thank you!!!
    Ghina said…
    Thank you so much .. This is the best solution to overcome error 1500
    Bodie said…
    You RAWK! Solution #3 fixed me right up. There was a bunch of gomboo on the timing strip.
    mimhie said…
    Praise God. My printer works fine now. Thank you for this.
    Sara Jane said…
    Thank-you so much. Solution No. 3 worked brilliantly - had almost given up. Tumble dryer broke last week, the hob packed up 2 weeks before, then the printer 2 days ago. Nearly chucked it out - Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!

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