Canon Pixma MP780: Waste Ink Full

Instructions for resetting the waste tank counter:

  1. Service menu: Menu ; Scan ; Copy ; Scan (one at a time in sequence)
  2. Select "TEST MODE"
  3. Select "[8] ETC.."
  4. Select "[4] EEPROM CLEAR"
  5. Select "[1] INK COUNT"
  6. Press the [OK] button.
  7. Press the [Stop/Reset] button (returns you to the TEST MOD sub-menu))
  8. press the [ON/OFF] button (which resets the printer)



Anonymous said...

The menu of my Canon Pixma MP780 is different
I have only 4 choices:


i don't find Scan - Copy - Scan and TEST MODE !!!

My problem is the same; error ##343

Please HELP !

Anonymous said...

I ran into this, and even though its way to late for you, it might help others in the future. When pressing the Menu Scan Copy Scan, pressing scan and copy give you error messages, but once you press all three in succession, it opens another, hidden menu, and from there it's easy.

John C said...

This procedure works.