HP Laserjet 49 errors

HP laserjet 49 errors are a firmware error, it might be caused by the firmware itself, or by the failure of a printer module.

How to isolate the cause:

  • Verify that the problem is not being caused by a specific job, this error can be caused by bad information being sent to the printer.
  • Power off and remove any installed EIO devices, (JetDirect Cards, Hard Drives), power on and test.

Cold Reset the printer:

  • Power off, remove any optional memory, power on and retest.
  • Power off and reseat any memory and firmware modules on the formatter board, power on and test.
  • Power off, reseat the formatter board, power on and test.

Check firmware version:
  • On newer machines with flashable firmware upgrade to the latest version. If you are running the latest version reload it, this might fix corrupted firmware. (Some printers have flashable firmware, others use a Firmware DIMM which must be replaced to upgrade.)

If you haven't found the cause yet, it could be:
  • The firmware module if it's a DIMM as opposed to being part of the formatter.
  • The memory if installed, some printers have to have at least one memory module installed to run, and it must have enough capacity to function, in some cases installing a module that does not meet the minimum requirements of the machine will cause a 49 error

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