Solving error 5B00 on printers Canon Pixma IP6210D and IP6220D

You need to reset waste ink counter:

Step 1. Enter Service Mode

* Plug in power cable to electric source.
* Press and hold RESUME/CANCEL button
* Press POWER button
* Release RESUME/CANCEL button
* Press RESUME/CANCEL button twice in a row

Step 2. Reset Waste Ink Counter Operation

* Press RESUME/CANCEL button 4 times in a row
* Turn of the printer and then turn on again the printer. the Ink counter has been reseted


filipeserrano said...

great tutorial...saved my printer =)

waste ink counter said...

This is a great post . i like it .
and thanks for sharing with us .

yamino trey said...

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Kim Sim said...

Hi, I have the same problem and the same Canon printer. Didn't work for me. I don't have the RESUME/CANCEL button but only the PRINT and STOP/RESET. So which should I hold down and when u say press RESUME/CANCEL in a row, how long duration should it be in between each 'hold'? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I am having trouble with error 5B02 and have reset the waste ink counter, then i get a light on the A4 plain paper and it goes to print and only takes a tiny bit of paper, could someone please help me, thank you.